Case Study: Nashville Airbnb Hotel

Permanent hand sanitizing fixture ensures a healthier future


A 55-unit condominium development purpose-built for short-term rentals, the Muse Airbnb hotel is the first of its kind in Nashville. Because the project caters to business travelers and vacationers, Muse’s designers knew it was essential to build in safety and cleanliness. And since our hands are responsible for 80% of infections, encouraging proper hand hygiene was vital, both for public safety and to reassure guests. But ugly plastic sanitizer bottles were out of the question. What was needed was a hand hygiene fixture that would enhance the building’s modern design, rather than detract from it. It also needed to be so inviting that people would want to use it as well as easy to maintain, so busy staff could focus on guests’ other needs. The designers found their solution in Vaask.


Throughout history, architects and urban designers have been influenced by public health and safety issues and our growing understanding of their causes. Broad streets, underground sewer systems and even the large, plate-glass windows favored by modern architects all came about in response to widespread illness. COVID-19 has reminded everyone of the importance of hygiene. So when Muse designer ES Design Group saw the permanent hand hygiene system Vaask at a trade show, they immediately knew the sleek, touchless fixture would be a perfect fit for the project. “Vaask is the first company to address the germ problem in an elegant way,” lead designer Emily Smith said. “While everyone else is producing plastic jugs, Vaask decided to bring (a solution) into the 21st century.”


The Vaask touchless dispenser was designed to permanently solve the problem of inadequate hand hygiene. With features that include a PalmPilot® sensor for superior hand detection, precision pump for reduced mess, and eye-catching LEDs that both invite people to clean their hands and alert staff when it’s time to refill, the fixture turns a necessity into an amenity. 

Muse Property Manager Patty Williams said the sleek dispensers look right at home in the luxury facility. Since being installed, she added, “Vaask is doing exactly what it’s meant to do. Get people’s attention and encourage them to sanitize their hands.”

Williams tells a story about the day the property’s developer came in with his 4-year-old daughter: “They walked in the front door, and she saw it by the elevator. Drawn by the LEDs, she immediately walked over and held her hand up. It was proof positive of the whole concept. If a 4-year-old is instantly drawn to it and can use it, you know it’s going to work.”

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