Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning Solution And Refilling

Q. What hand sanitizer can I use?

A. Vaask is a non proprietary device. You can refill your device with any quality hand sanitizer on the market. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends consumers use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol.

Q. How often should I refill my VAASK cartridge?

A. Refill rate depends on the daily touch rage for each Vaask unit. Each high capacity cartridge averages 2200 uses per fill.

Q. Can I order more hand sanitizer from Vaask?

A. While you can refill your Vaask with any quality hand sanitizer we provide an option for you to order the hand sanitizer that was provided with your device from us.

Parts And Servicing

Q. Can I use any surface cleaner?

A. The only solution needed to clean your Vaask machine is a damp cloth. If necessary for disinfection purposes you can use a multipurpose cleaner. DO NOT clean your Vaask machine with bleach or any abrasive cleaners (i.e. comet or scrubbing pads)

Q. How often do I need to replace the pump?

A. The cycle pump will need to be replaced every 250,000 uses. The cartridge provides environmentally friendly maintenance instead of throwing away the disposable pump mechanism every 2,000 cycles

Q. Who do I contact for replacement parts?

A. Inside the Vaask machine is a QR code that directs you to the Vaask website where you can request replacement parts

Q. Red Light is Oscillating... Help?

A. If the lights are flashing on the device please scan the appropriate QR code behind the sanitizer cartridge for assistance

General Support

Q. Where is the product manufactured?

A. Vaask is manufactured in Austin Texas.

Q. What is the Warranty?

A. Included with your Vaask is a 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Q. Are they ADA compliant?

A. the manufacturers are designers for Vaask considered all applicable regulations including ADA and NFPA to ensure compliance.

Q. Are there any Vaask units that do not require cutting a hole int he wall?

A. Vaask offers a wall mounted unit as well as a free standing unit if you do not want to recess the device.

Q. How is it powered?

A. The Vaask recessed and wall mounted unit are powered by hardwired AC (00 to 240v AC) through an internal isolated junction box. The Vaask stand has a rechargeable battery option for frame and stand versions. No more single use batteries.

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