Global Future Design Awards Recognize Vaask

Hand sanitizing fixture honored for innovative product design

OCTOBER 10, 2022 — NEW YORK — The Global Future Design Awards today honored the Vaask® touchless hand sanitizing fixture for its product design that enhances health and safety in public spaces.

The seventh annual contest “recognizes outstanding ideas that redefine architectural design through the implementation of novel technologies.”

Built to last, Vaask offers an effective, money-saving hand sanitizing solution. Vaask’s features include:

  • AC/PoE—no batteries required
  • Metal construction; 5-year warranty
  • Refillable, 2L sanitizer cartridge
  • No drips, no mess
  • Options for custom colors, metals, graphics
  • App that tracks sanitizer levels

Click here to learn more about the honor for Vaask.

Click here to see Vaask in action.

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