Global Gaming Business Honors Vaask with Technology Award

Hand sanitizing fixture praised for improving guest health and safety

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 — LAS VEGAS — Global Gaming Business magazine today honored the Vaask® touchless hand sanitizing fixture as part of its Gaming & Technology Awards, which recognize product innovation in all types of gaming.

The 21st annual contest attracted hundreds of entries with Vaask winning Best Guest Health & Safety Product.

Built to last, Vaask offers an effective, money-saving hand sanitizing solution. In the gaming industry, the logistics of cleaning chips and other necessities are so complicated that it makes sense to also go straight to the source of the germs — our hands, which transmit 80% of illnesses.

Vaask’s features include:

  • AC/PoE—no batteries required
  • Metal construction; 5-year warranty
  • Refillable, 2L sanitizer cartridge
  • No drips, no mess
  • Options for custom colors, metals, graphics
  • App that tracks sanitizer levels

Click here to learn more about the honor for Vaask.

Click here to see Vaask in action.

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