Healthcare Architects, Leaders Laud Vaask

Hand sanitizing fixture earns dual honors at Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo

DECEMBER 6, 2021 — AUSTIN, TEXAS — The Healthcare Facilities Symposium and Expo, which brings together professionals across the industry, today recognized Vaask with two Symposium Distinction Awards — Most Sustainable Product and Architect’s Choice Product.

The first hand sanitizer dispenser designed to be a permanent fixture in interiors, Vaask is the superior solution for hand hygiene. With all-metal construction, high-capacity cartridges, and a laser-range sensor that ensures no drips or messes, Vaask creates a higher class of clean.

Because Vaask’s eco-friendly cartridges are twice the size of those of typical dispensers, they’re less resource intensive to manufacture and can easily be recycled. Vaask’s gel sanitizers also use natural fragrances and hydrate your hands, forgoing the harsh chemicals used in most sanitizers that dry out your skin.

The event’s organizers honored Vaask Founder Jon Olsen today during a luncheon reception.

“In developing Vaask, we spoke with numerous healthcare industry architects, designers and professionals to ensure we identified and addressed the shortcomings of today’s sanitizer options,” Olsen said. “I’m proud to accept these honors on behalf of my colleagues, all of whom are working tirelessly everyday to help hospitals, doctors’ offices and so many other places demonstrate their commitment to cleanliness.”

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