TIME Best Inventions Awards Honors Vaask

Editors praise company for replacing ‘ugly hand sanitizer goo pumps’

NOVEMBER 10, 2021 — NEW YORK CITY — TIME today announced the results of its 2021 Best Inventions contest and honored hand sanitizer system Vaask.

“Ugly hand sanitizer goo pumps have become standard décor in office lobbies and corridors, but Austin-based Vaask thinks they deserve the kind of design attention that the rest of a modern workplace gets,” TIME wrote in describing the Special Mention awarded to the hand hygiene company. “Vaask’s futuristically curvy gel dispensers … use laser sensors to know when a hand reaches in for a squirt.”

Every year, TIME highlights inventions that are making the world better, smarter and a bit more fun, selecting those who are honored based on factors including originality, creativity, efficacy, ambition and impact. This year’s honorees included vaccines for COVID-19 and malaria, an emotional support robot for hospitalized children and an environmentally friendly dye for jeans.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be recognized by a publication with the longevity and authority of TIME,” Vaask Founder Jon Olsen said.

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