Vaask Founder Honored Among Best CEOs

Jon Olsen recognized by Austin Business Journal

OCTOBER 6, 2022 — AUSTIN — The Austin Business Journal today recognized Vaask® Founder & CEO Jon Olsen among the city’s top business leaders at its annual Best CEO Awards.

Those honored “have a strong record of innovation and outstanding performance.” An accomplished engineer with the imagination of an entrepreneur, Jon’s inquisitive nature has led him to tackle seemingly insurmountable problems. Before founding Vaask, Jon developed products to reduce food waste by prolonging the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. He also contributed to healthier lifestyles by designing systems to improve sleep patterns.

Behind his work is a refusal to accept the status quo. During the early days of the pandemic, Jon recognized the design failure on all levels of the hand sanitizer experience and set about designing the touchless Vaask hand sanitizing fixture. Built to last, Vaask offers an effective, money-saving hand sanitizing solution. Vaask’s features include:

  • AC/PoE—no batteries required
  • Metal construction; 5-year warranty
  • Refillable, 2L sanitizer cartridge
  • No drips, no mess
  • Options for custom colors, metals, graphics
  • App that tracks sanitizer levels

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