Case Study: Origin Hotel Austin, Texas

The Challenge 

With complimentary bikes hanging from the lobby wall and a restaurant named after the state dog, Origin Hotel Austin is infused with details designed to reflect the character of Texas’ capital city.

All Origin hotels are personalized in this way, making them “wildly different” from one another, said Chris Kosor, the hotel’s general manager. 

But common to every Origin hotel is a commitment to exploration, connection and — perhaps most importantly — wellness. For Origin Hotel Austin, that means offering free bike rentals, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and in-room yoga kits. 

It also means protecting the health and safety of staff and guests. “It’s at the very center of how we do business,” Kosor said.

To this end, Kosor set out to find a hand sanitizing fixture that worked effectively and promoted the hotel’s focus on wellness and sustainability. 

The Solution

When he came across Vaask, Kosor immediately knew the hand sanitizing fixture would be a natural fit on all fronts.

The permanent, touchless fixture not only complements the hotel’s unique, bespoke interiors, but its sustainable design lines up with the environmental values of Origin Hotels and the Austin community.

The Austin hotel features Vaask fixtures in its lobby, by the gym and in its restaurant, Blue Lacy. 

“Everyone thinks they’re really cool looking,” said Kosor, who especially appreciated being able to customize the faceplate with the colors and logos of both the hotel and restaurant. 

From a maintenance perspective, Kosor is also extremely pleased. 

“It’s easy to use and easy to refill, when necessary,” he said. The 2-liter capacity of the sanitizer cartridge means the unit can go longer between refills. 

“It’s crucial that my staff stay healthy,” Kosor said, “because that translates to healthy guests and a friendly, happy, positive place to work and visit.

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