Clean By Design

The hand sanitizing fixture that’s built to last

Simply Superior At Every Level

Simply Superior At Every Level

Vaask® blends state-of-the-art technology with sleek, sustainable design. Elevate your approach to hand hygiene with a touchless fixture that complements your space and showcases your commitment to health and safety. Engineered by the team behind Big Ass Fans, Vaask is redefining hand hygiene.

Key Features


  • PalmPilot hand sensor can detect one’s palm – no matter the skin tone – activating the sanitizer to dispense
  • Stepper motor driven pump rotates fixed number of degrees to accurately dispense proper dose of any viscosity alcohol-based sanitizer gel
  • Precision pump control automatically retracts sanitizer when one’s hand moves away – no mess


  • Array of easily programmable, multi-colored LEDs catches the eye, drawing in potential users 
  • Intuitive display also alerts maintenance personnel when sanitizer levels are low or empty


Vaask is designed for YOUR space. Custom recessed units that work for your interiors. Easy to install and service, with hardwired (110-220V AC) power.

Finished To Match
Your Style

  • Vaask’s all-metal construction is just what your space needs. Choose between premium and custom finishes that will simply elevate your style and integrate a permanent sanitization solution in your modern interior.

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