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Maintenance is an easy “A”
with Vaask

Vaask is like a perfect student: They can be counted on to do an excellent job with little supervision

Designed to meet the unique needs of schools, Vaask is able to keep up with demand in a high-traffic environment. Easy to maintain and reliable, Vaask helps reduce the spread of germs and keep attendance rates high.

low maintenance icon

Low maintenance

  • Online dashboard monitors thousands of units from one screen
  • LED lights alert staff when tank is low or empty
  • Large tank can be refilled with any alcohol-based sanitizer gel
  • No batteries to replace
Durable and built to last icon

Durable and built to last

  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Made of cast aluminum and steel
  • Designed to hold up to 70 lbs (32 kg)
Secure fixtures under lock and key icon

Secure fixtures under lock and key

  • Protects fixtures from unwanted tampering
  • Ensures only authorized personnel can service the units
Fully customizable icon

Fully customizable

  • Can match school colors
  • Add graphics, including your mascot or logo
  • Variety of metal finishes
  • Replicate textures, such as wood or marble
Designed to keep more than just hands clean icon

Designed to keep more than just hands clean

  • Recessed installation leave floors and hallways clear
  • Large, durable catch tray provides extra protection to floors
  • Laser hand sensor prevents messy misfires
  • Sanitizer output can be adjusted

Schools find a better approach to hand hygiene

  • Case Study: Emerson College

    The Challenge

    For Emerson College, being a Division III school often means modest—albeit enthusiastic— crowds at home athletic events. But the passion and commitment of the 200 student-athletes at the Boston school is on par with any large university. 

    Raising money for the athletic programs, however, is a bigger challenge for Stanford Nance, senior associate director of athletics for external affairs. One way he builds school pride and draws support for the program is by branding every available surface of the college’s athletic facilities with the purple and yellow Emerson Lions’ colors and logos.

  • Case Study: Texas A&M Rec Center

    The Challenge

    A&M announced plans for the new facility in November 2020. When construction was underway, Rick Hall, then-director of rec sports, was concerned about protecting the health of students while working out indoors. For such a high-traffic, high-touch environment, Hall knew encouraging hand sanitizer use would be an effective approach. At the other rec centers, they had tried placing numerous pump bottles on desks, but he sought a more effective strategy.

  • Case Study: Gossett Elementary

    The Challenge

    When Samuel Wyatt began planning a new elementary school in the small West Texas town of Rankin, his top priority was to provide students with a state-of-the-art facility. The school district superintendent searched across the country for creative approaches that enhanced the learning environment, such as a two-story indoor slide in an Atlanta school.

    With the heightened focus on health and safety, Wyatt was also looking for innovative methods to reduce the spread of illness and keep students and teachers in school. He was especially interested in finding a better approach to hand hygiene.

Key Benefits

Purposefully Designed

No Drips,
No Mess


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What They Said

  • “Vaask is doing exactly what it’s meant to do. Get people’s attention and encourage them to sanitize their hands.”

    Patty Williams, property manager of Muse Nashville (Tennessee)

  • “Vaask is the first company to address the germ problem in an elegant way. While everyone else is producing plastic jugs, Vaask decided to bring (a solution) into the 21st century.”

    Emily Smith, lead designer of ES Design Group (Tennessee)

  • “Vaask blends right in with our sophisticated, modern interiors and makes cleaning your hands quite the experience instead of an afterthought.”

    Melody McLeod, lead designer of LG Development (Illinois)

  • “Vaask is the only hand sanitizer company that’s done something this beautiful. It looks like we designed around them.”

    Jack Olshan, managing director of Hotel Versailles (Ohio)

  • “I liked the high-quality finishes of the product and how the touchless sensor works so well and also warns users if the gel level inside is low.”

    Leslie Fossler, Lead Designer, Leslie Fossler Interiors

  • “Vaask is very eye-catching and would complement any modern home. It added a nice ‘wow’ factor to my new home construction.”

    June King, Owner, June King Custom Homes

  • “It’s really front and center so people are intrigued by it. It’s really apparent what it is. It’s the prettiest hand sanitizer anybody’s ever seen.”

    Caryn Paradis, Lead Designer, Caryn Paradis Interior Design

  • “Vaask fits our lobby and fits our décor. It’s easy to use and easy to maintain. We don’t have to jump through hoops and can refill it with any sanitizer, if we choose to.”

    Chris Kosor, General Manager, Origin Austin Hotel

  • “One of the biggest selling points was being able to use any sanitizer gel, which solved our refill supply problems and lowered costs. Our company is also very focused on being eco-friendly, and using Vaask lets us cut down on plastic and battery waste.”

    Timothy Wagner, Facilities Manager for a 2-million-square-foot warehouse

  • “Vaask was exactly what we were looking for, in terms of the clean visuals and design lines, while also being super functional.”

    Kimberly Orr, Lead Designer, Kimberly O Design

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