Case Study: Hotel Versailles, Ohio

The Challenge

Jack Olshan was frustrated.

As the managing director of the newly rebuilt Hotel Versailles in Ohio, he was determined to infuse every part of the luxury, boutique hotel with modern, upscale elements.

Olshan was seeking a way to demonstrate the hotel’s commitment to the highest levels of hygiene without detracting from the striking visuals of the property.

But he couldn’t find hand sanitizing dispensers that matched the stylish aesthetic of the hotel. He also wanted a fixture that was not only attractive, but didn’t need batteries and constant refilling, with a long, dependable lifespan.

The Solution

When he came across Vaask’s touchless hand sanitizing fixture at the 2021 HD Expo hospitality trade show, he finally found the answer.

“Vaask is the only hand hygiene company that’s done something this beautiful,” Olshan said.

The clean lines of the fixtures and all-metal construction fit right in with the ambiance of the Hotel Versailles. 

The Hotel Versailles architects and designers worked with Vaask’s experts to place the dispensers in high-touch, high-traffic areas. Architects learned that they could spec Vaask into projects because it is recessed into the wall. 

Since each unit is hard-wired to AC power or uses Power over Ethernet (PoE), there’s no need for batteries. The high-capacity, easily refillable cartridge reduces maintenance and waste. The 5-year warranty reassured Olshan that Vaask is built to last.

Vaask’s simplicity and low maintenance were also big selling points, Olshan said. 

For hotels wanting to provide both luxury and comfort, as well as convey their commitment to cleanliness, Vaask hand sanitizing fixtures dispense the perfect solution.

Click here to see Vaask in action.

Photos by Catie Viox; courtesy of Hotel Versailles

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